tiny beginnings

I was born in a tiny town in Honduras, Central America. As a young child, I spent my days exploring the remote landscape surrounding our humble mud homes nestled in the mountains. With no TV I climbed trees to pick and eat fresh guavas, mangoes, nances, soursop, and other delicious fruits. Eventually I was relocated to the capital, Tegucigalpa, to start primary school since there were no schools, electricity, or plumbing in the remote town I had grown up in. Then I was relocated once more to sunny Florida. There I began 4th grade and a vastly different life in a language I did not speak. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to “be” when the time came to decide. All I knew is: I loved art. Visual art became a third language that I could turn to during confusing and difficult times.

the middle

I studied at Ringling College of Art and Design while working as a waitress full-time. There I learned about illustration, graphic design, and most importantly self-confidence, curiosity, and how to be a lifelong learner. The last three being things I desperately needed but wasn’t taught elsewhere. Since then I’ve experienced ups and downs but art always remained my lighthouse guiding me through the stormy seas of life. I’ve spent a decade working with entrepreneurs and businesses designing for their brands. Additionally, I’ve also worked other jobs including: a Montessori art educator, a typesetter and layout designer, store manager, and over three years at HarperCollins Publishers as a production artist/designer. All while building my own voice in pockets of free time and raising a family. What can I say? The creative path is never a straight line but it is an interesting one.

what’s next?

I’m developing the Wildflower Studio Circle where I’ll send monthly benefits like exclusive videos to members. Building an online shop where you can find original art and other artful goods, writing a picture book about loss (Brighter Than the Sun), and writing and making monthly comics for my newsletter.

Yanuary Navarro art studio


You can reach me at hello[at]yanuary[dot]com for questions and inquiries.

some of my work in the wild:

Uppercase Magazine (Issue 56) – contributing writer & illustrator
Uppercase Magazine (Issue 52) – contributing illustrator
Storm Cellar Magazine – featured artist
Spirituality & Health Magazine – featured artist
Agave Magazine (Vol.3, Issue 2) – featured artist
Cross Connect Magazine – featured artist
805 Lit Magazine – cover artist
The Tampa Review 42 – contributing illustrator
The Ringling 100 (book) – contributing illustrator
Even-N-Odd Coloring Book – contributing illustrator

select clients:

Uppercase Magazine
Humanities Tennessee

Spirituality & Health Magazine
Tribe of Earth
Nail Pop LLC

Tupelo Conjure music

kind mentions:

Nashville Scene
Tampa Review (Featured Artist)
Her Campus (Contemporary Hispanic & Latinx Artists)
Sarasota Visual Arts (Ringling Underground)
805  Lit (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

about my painting:

As a painter I’ve had the great honor of exhibiting in celebrated venues such as: The Ringling Museum of ArtSCOPE MiamiThe Bakehouse Art ComplexOlio GalleryC. Emerson Fine ArtsEven-N-Odd GalleryThe Sarasota Art Center and many more. My artwork has also been featured in publications across the US and Canada. In 2008 I received the Best of Ringling scholarship award for painting.