Yanuary with Giant Sloth-Drawing.png

"Do your thing" - tina fey

Yanuary is a maker of illustrations, stories, and cartoons both for personal storytelling and collaborative storytelling. She's fascinated by the giant sloths of Florida, animation, ecology, space science, history, cartoons, fairy tales, story-telling, typography, and Mac The Ninja Cat.


About the Sloth picture:

Eremotherium eomigrans - Giant Ground Sloth at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Status: extinct

Learn more about the Giant sloth here: >>> Florida Museum of Natural History Website <<<



ED: BFA illustration - RCAD in Sarasota, FL



How do you pronounce your name?

"Yanuary is pronounced Yah-Nu-Ah-Ree friends and family know me as Yani or Yan."

What tools do you mainly use?

"I like to start with pencil, markers and paper or my Surface Pro tablet for the thumbnail, cartooning and preliminary brainstorming work.  I create my digital animation work in my Surface Pro tablet & iMac. My traditional/personal paintings are created using a combination of watercolor, gouache and liquid acrylic on watercolor paper."


Select exhibitions :

Nocturnal Melodies, Sarasota Art Center - 17'

Ringling Underground, Ringling Museum of Art - 17'

The World of Wolli, Pyramid Inc. - 15'

Narrative Conscious, Epoxy Artspace - 14'

Florida Flavor Juried Exhibition, Sarasota Art Center - 13'

Eco Expressions, Whole Foods - 13'

Ringling Underground, Ringling Museum - 12'

Spring Festival, Olio Gallery - 12'

Impressed Printmaking Juried exhibition, Bakehouse Art Complex - 11'

SCOPE Miami, C. Emerson Fine Arts - 11'

Space Coast Pride, Melbourne - 10'

Illest of ILL, Ringling College - 09'

War and Peace, Imago Gallery - 08'

A Night of Excellence, Crossley Gallery - 05'