Draw Grow Smile is a monthly letter I write with inspiration, slice-of-life stories, comics, behind-the-scenes into projects, giveaways & all things delightful. It started out as my first blog many years ago. Remember when everyone and their grandma had a blog? The purpose of mine was to share my art and (gulp) for the first time, share my writing. I’ve loved words, poetry, and writing since 6th grade (when I finally learned to read and write English). Knowing how to write is one thing but believing I’m a writer always felt impossible for me. I had decided it was a skill only reserved for geniuses, not me, a regular person. However, the thing about doing something consistently without a reward for motivation is that the process and the practice becomes the reward. One day I realized what sets a writer apart from a non-writer is simply that they do the work. They write. I know I can do that for as long as these bony fingers will let me.

The words have become my personal mantra.

Draw: Carve out and defend time for yourself and your dreams.
Grow: Mistakes and failures are inevitable, how can I learn from them and grow as a person?
Smile: Stop and look around, happiness is already there!