Nostalgia For The Forest

Tennessee offers an abundance of hiking opportunities. Sometimes an unexplored trail is right around the corner. In my three + years of living here I have ventured into many. As my daughter gets older I prioritize outdoor time on a weekly basis. Some weeks we take daily nature walks after dinner. Our family record is 21 consecutive days of small hikes.

Some days we are too drained to pack our cart load of baby gear and go on a far hike. On those days we explore our neighborhood and try to see the beauty in the immediate vicinity. Instead of magnificent forests we try to find joy in admiring tiny but lovingly manicured patio gardens.

I try to imprint the memory of the forest before winter blows through the landscape. Once the bitter cold soaks into my small hands the lush green of summer becomes a distant memory. On the coldest days it seems like only a dream.

Hikes are still possible during winter because the snow doesn't always stick to the ground. Some trails can feel more lush because of the cold rain.

One of life's greatest gifts is the simple pleasure of shuffling through the leaves on the ground.


all photographs ©yanuarynavarro