Billy Book: A Web Comic Process Sketches

Billy the Book a web comic by Yanuary Navarro
Billy the Book, pages in progress, ©yanuarynavarro

I wanted to work on something FUN and lighthearted. So, I started a new web comic. Having my daughter has cracked open my tough, SERIOUS, and (sometimes) intimidating persona. I'm finding myself singing the silliest of songs about everything from putting on socks to cleaning the table. I'm often dancing and making funny faces to see her laugh hysterically as much as possible. Her smile is my everything.

I'm happy to introduce a new character named Billy. He is a young book with an appetite for having a good time, learning, and spreading his larger than life enthusiasm. Most love having Billy around. There are some who get annoyed, like Billy's roommate, Jerry the mouse. All Jerry wants to do is have a peaceful and SILENT day at all times. No noise allowed. No ruckus. No shenanigans.

I've been experimenting with doing my thumbnail work in Clip Studio Paint on my iPad. So far, I'm enjoying the flexibility the program offers. I no longer have to use a jump drive or Google drive to access my files because Clip Studio provides a server for storage. It's as as simple as "syncing" my file with the Clip Studio server and voilá! I can switch to my desktop version and my file is updated in the cloud in a few minutes.