I'm Yanuary (yAH•nu•AH•ree) Navarro, a freelance illustrator, designer, comics artist, and writer. I was born in a tiny village in Honduras, Central America and grew up in sunny Florida. I started making art and writing in middle school as a way to get through tough times and I simply never stopped. It's a source of infinite joy for me and I hope I can share that joy with others through my work. I'm currently based out of Nashville, TN. with my lovely family and rambunctious rescue cats. 

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Magazine Publications:

Uppercase Magazine (Issue 56) - contributing

writer & illustrator
Uppercase Magazine (Issue 52) - contributing illustrator

Storm Cellar Magazine - featured artist
Spirituality & Health Magazine - featured artist
Agave Magazine (Vol.3, Issue 2) - featured artist
Cross Connect Magazine - featured artist
805 Lit Magazine - cover artist

Select Clients:

Uppercase Magazine
Humanities Tennessee
Tribe of Earth
Nail Pop LLC

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Tupelo Conjure

Nashville Winter_Photography_Yanuary_Navarro
Nashville Winter_Photography_Yanuary_Navarro

Kind Mentions & Press:

Nashville Scene
Tampa Review (Featured Artist)
Her Campus (Contemporary Hispanic & Latinx Artists)
Sarasota Visual Arts (Ringling Underground)
805  Lit (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

Book Publications:
The Tampa Review 42contributing illustrator
The Ringling 100contributing illustrator
Even-N-Odd Coloring Bookcontributing illustrator


About my work:
As a visual artist I have exhibited in celebrated venues such as: The Ringling Museum of Art, SCOPE Miami, The Bakehouse Art Complex, Olio Gallery, C. Emerson Fine Arts, Even-N-Odd Gallery, The Sarasota Art Center and many more. My artwork has also been featured in publications across the US and Canada.