Hello! Hola!

I'm Yanuary (yaH•nu•aH•ree) Navarro and I'm a Honduran-American freelance illustrator, designer, cartoonist, and graphic novels creator.

I am always interested and super thrilled about collaborating on new projects so let's make something amazing together. Message me at hello[at]yanuary[dot]com to schedule a friendly chat.


I was born in a tiny village in Honduras, Central America. Back then, there was no electricity, running water, public schools, stores, social support systems, public transportation, hospitals or clinics in our town. After the death of my brother, my encounter with Cholera as a kid, and many other struggles as a family, my mom decided it was time for a change. We moved to the west coast of Florida where I started 4th grade and a new life. Currently, I live in Nashville, TN. with my husband, kitty cats (Tigre and Gaius), and baby daughter. By day I work for a publisher as a production artist/graphic designer. I work on select freelance illustration projects I'm passionate about and my writing in my free time. 


I studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design with a focus in illustration and design. As a Honduran immigrant it took me MANY years to gain confidence in my language skills but felt right at home in the visual arts. One of my favorite aspects of visual art is that it transcends language to connect with people across the world. With my work I hope to motivate a reverence for our planet and to provide a visually rich and vibrant world for readers to explore. 

I am a member of Kids Comics Unite, a vibrant community for comics makers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals that specialize in comics for young readers and young adults. Ever since joining in 2020, I have become fired up about seriously pursuing my writing practice. A long time dream (since middle school) has been to make books but my self-consciousness about writing in a non-native language always got in the way. Until I started making comics! 


I'm happy to continue making art and stories for as long as I can.

As a visual artist I have exhibited in celebrated venues such as: The Ringling Museum of Art, SCOPE Miami, The Bakehouse Art Complex, Olio Gallery, C. Emerson Fine Arts, Even-N-Odd Gallery, The Sarasota Art Center and many more. My artwork has also been featured in publications across the US and Canada.

Book Publications:
The Tampa Review 42
The Ringling 100
Even-N-Odd Coloring Book

Magazine Publications:
Uppercase (Issue 52) - contributing Illustrator

Storm Cellar Magazine - featured artist
Spirituality & Health Magazine - featured artist
Agave Magazine (Vol.3, Issue 2) - featured artist
Cross Connect Magazine - featured artist
805 Lit Magazine - cover artist

Kind Mentions & Press:
Agave Magazine (5 Questions With)
Tampa Review (Featured Artist)
Her Campus (Contemporary Hispanic & Latinx Artists)
Sarasota Visual Arts (Ringling Underground)
805  Lit (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

“What you long for or need, that give.”   - Apples of Gold