I'm Yanuary (yaH•nu•aH•ree) Navarro and I'm a Honduran-American freelance illustrator, designer, and author/illustrator of children's books and graphic novels.

I was born in a tiny village in Honduras, Central America, raised in the west coast of sunny Florida, and I currently reside in hilly Tennessee.

As a visual artist I have exhibited in celebrated venues such as: The Ringling Museum of Art, SCOPE Miami, The Bakehouse Art Complex, Olio Gallery, C. Emerson Fine Arts, Even-N-Odd Gallery, The Sarasota Art Center and many more. My artwork has also been featured in publications across the US and Canada.

Book Publications:
The Tampa Review 42
The Ringling 100
Even-N-Odd Coloring Book

Magazine Publications:
Uppercase (Issue 52) - contributing Illustrator

Storm Cellar Magazine - featured artist
Spirituality & Health Magazine - featured artist
Agave Magazine (Vol.3, Issue 2) - featured artist
Cross Connect Magazine - featured artist
805 Lit Magazine - cover artist

Kind Mentions & Press:
Agave Magazine (5 Questions With)
Tampa Review (Featured Artist)
Her Campus (Contemporary Hispanic & Latinx Artists)
Sarasota Visual Arts (Ringling Underground)
805  Lit (Vol. 2, Issue 2)